Epernay Hearts Desire

GCH Bonitos Companeros Halli Galli X Epernay What A Girl Wants


Epernay Hearts Desire

GCH Bonitos Companeros Halli Galli

Eng CH Keyingham Branwell

Maibee Montrose

Craigowl Dixon

Maibee The Stand In

Keyingham Fidgeon

Nehill's Nazareth

Eng Ch Keyingham Rowena

Bonitos Companeros Kir Royal

Ger Jr Ch Miletree Nessun Dorma

Timsar Master of Ceremonies

Miletree Cygnet

Int Ch Immenhof's Dream Girl

Ger Jr Ch Craigowl Crackerjack

Pascavale Rosie

Epernay What A Girl Wants

Eng Ch Pascavale Enchanted

Eng Ch Tameline Northern Dancer

Keyingham Lochlann

Tameline Balanchine

Eng Ch Britannia of Pascavale

Pascavle Spencer

Woodstock Crystal Spring of Pascavale

Epernay Emma Clare

Epernay Chief Kensington

Ch. Sheeba Ted E. Bear

Epernay Blossom

Epernay Serena

Ch Pinecrest Sweeney Todd

Red Oak Sweet Magnolia